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Rapid Lift - Rapid Start - Titan Power Drive

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Low disturbance loosening toolbar for cultivator drills.


High accuracy liquid fertiliser application at sowing

Titan Power Drive

Low disturbance loosening with maximum output


Low disturbance loosening with maximum output

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Begining a whole new way of thinking for field cultivation
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Innovation from Cultivating Solutions

Cultivating Solutions is a forward thinking company focused on providing UK Arable Farmers with innovative answers to field cultivation problems.

Our extensive experience ‘in field’ from our own previous arable farming activity means we can react quickly and knowledgably to deliver fresh ideas.

Our range includes the RapidLift toolbar for retro fit to cultivator drills. This simple, yet innovative idea can add even greater flexibility to your cultivator drill through the addition of low disturbance loosening legs mounted at the front of the drill.


The RapidStart liquid fertiliser system brings new options to accurate fertiliser application while sowing. High accuracy placement of fertiliser with our systems allows growers to adopt a whole new level of accuracy and attention to detail in applying fertiliser while sowing.


The Titan Power-Drive cultivator is a whole new era in field cultivation. Not only featuring the tried and tested low disturbance loosening system from the RapidLift, the Titan incorporates a truly innovative Assisted Power-Drive system, whereby the packer rollers are hydraulically powered to provide a significant increase in tractive effort and reduction in overall power requirement.


Cultivating Solutions. Bringing you more Innovation in Cultivation.


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